ISO 9001 Certified

Certified to ISO 9001:2008

Experience That Sets The Pace

Thirty years. That’s serious experience in the specialty arena of machining bicycle drive train components, dropouts, steering and suspension parts. Those years (and many projects) have taken us to the front-line in the evolution of modern lightweight performance bicycles. What customers have come to know about us during that time:

We are trustworthy. Our strict policy of confidentiality and non-disclosure protects your designs and ideas.

We are colleagues. We are not competitors. We only machine product for others and do not have a branded product line of our own.

We are in a smart place. Our manufacturing facility is located in Northwest Florida – advantageous for its moderate cost and neighboring aerospace component manufacturers with whom we have developed an important “learning synergy.”

We also offer CNC machined aluminum parts for other industries. Visit for more details.